Bespoke Industrial Textile Machinery

We understand that in the world of industrial sewing and cutting, different manufacturers have very different needs. We also understand that some of these needs cannot be met by using standard machinery. For example, we have found that some of our customers have diffficulty sewing curtains and blinds, due to the size and the weight of the materials. With this in mind, we design, assemble and manufacture a wide variety of bespoke sewing and cutting equipment. Our aim is to help our customers to improve the speed and the productivity of their operations while lowering the level of skill required to operate the machinery. The results have proven to be very pleasing both for Advance Enterprises (Automation) Ltd and our customers. Our tailor-made products range from automated, conveyorised sewing machines to custom-built cutting tables to made-to-order jigs and fixtures. Whatever your sewing or cutting needs, we will produce a custom product to meet those needs. Click on the headings below to see exactly what kind of custom-made products that we can offer you.

Bespoke Cutting Equipment

Each of our bespoke cutting tables is made to our customers’ specifications. They are also fully automated, with the aim of making the operation more simple.

Bespoke Sewing Machines

Our conveyorised machines de-skill the sewing operation and vastly increase productivity in the workplace. Ideal for curtains, blinds, banners and signs.

Bespoke Jigs/Fixtures

Our custom jigs/fixtures for pattern sewers and bartack machines are designed to make operations such as sewing box and crosses more simple and efficient.