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Our goal is to provide innovative & quality automated sewing, cutting & finishing products for the textile trade which save you, the customer, time and money. With our knowledge and expertise of textile equipment, we ensure to find the find solution to help automate and de-skill your sewing operation.

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We have over 125 years combined experience in service and repairing industrial and domestic sewing machines with valuable knowledge in many different industries, from manufacturing lingerie to curtains to body armour. If a product needs manufacturing then we are able to set equipment up correctly for your specific application.



With the latest design software, we are able to visually design and test products even before they are produced. Whether it is a custom designed cutting table for the blinds industry or a fully automatic conveyor sewing machine for the curtain and print industry, we are able to produce high quality products here in the UK.

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As we are based in Wrexham, we’re pretty central to the UK. We manufacture, design and assemble most of our bespoke automated equipment here but we also have an office in Istanbul, Turkey where we work extremely closely with our team there. Whatever you require, we have the skills and knowledge to do it.

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What we can offer

Bespoke Design

We create bespoke equipment especially for the textile industry including graphics and curtains. We use the latest design software to generate working models of equipment before we assemble them.

Made in the UK

We design, manufacture and assemble products for customers directly from our factory in the UK. We are able to reverse engineer equipment also. We have electronics and industrial sewing machine engineers all available.

Friendly advice

Our engineers and sales team have over 125 years of combined experience and together we can come up with solutions for your business. To increase productivity, efficiency and also save you money at the same time!

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